To Avoid a Speeding Ticket Just Follow the Traffic Laws
By Muna wa Wanjiru

When will a speeding ticket be dropped? There are all sorts of false speeding ticket myths circulating, and many people act according to them when stopped by a police officer. Here are some of them debunked, with the mention that each individual case is unique and the best way to stay out of trouble is to follow the traffic laws.

It is often said that if the officer makes one single mistake on the speeding ticket, the charge or the case will be dropped. All false! The speeding ticket is used to incriminate you in court, and it is definitely valid. Mistakes commonly made by police officers and clerks when it comes to the numbers on the ticket are therefore overlooked on a regular basis.

The mistakes in the speeding ticket that actually help the driver win the case with the help of a good attorney include misspelling of the name of the driver, the address, like the street where the event occurred and even the description of the car he or she was driving. If the mistakes on the speeding ticket include the three w-questions – who, where and when – you have almost 100% chances to win the case in court.

Then, the case can be dropped if the police officer fails to appear in court; nevertheless, even so you may be in trouble with the speeding ticket. There are judges who reschedule the trial for both parties to be present, though most often there will be a dismissal.

Is it necessary to get a lawyer in order to beat a speeding ticket? Most people would answer affirmatively, however, you can save $500 or even $1000 by doing a little research on your own and learning how to beat it without any help. The most common situation is that first-time offenders are given the opportunity to strike some kind of plea deal; moreover, an attorney's fees will be a lot higher than the fine imposed for the violation.

Nevertheless it is worth mentioning the fact that if your case is a bit more complex, you should try to benefit from legal advice, and if you search a little you will find law firms with special service packages that come for pretty good rates.

Do not hope that because you've got a speeding ticket in another state, the information won't get to yours. According to the interstate legal agreement known as the Driver License Compact, all information about law violations are shared between states; so the news will break even to your insurance company.

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